BGP Peering w/AWS & passwords



Many of you probably have a form of Direct Connect back into AWS dropping off somewhere in your network Infrastructure.

BGP peering does a great job of route distribution & filtering ; however ; as part of setting up BGP for your Direct Connect ; a password needs to be entered at the AWS end AND the Telco end (which ends up in the switch config)

As with everything its good practice to use secure passwords that are long in length. Our Telco however, doesn’t support “?” (question marks) in their BGP peering passwords. To be honest I think it might be more a Cisco limitation rather than Telco. If I find out I’ll update this. If someone else finds out drop a comment down there …

EDIT : 30/11/2017

It turns out that the ? symbol is interpreted by IOS as the Help command … which explains a bit. Either way ; don’t use it in your BGP password.


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