Havent chained proxies in anger since the early noughties using the proximotron. Good times back in those days. Last I did it was in Kali > 12 months ago where it came pre-installed. But this time I’ve actually got a use case due to. Hmmm. Dumbness.

So when I am not vSphering, or AWSing, I’m RHELing or CentosING. Or Amigaing, but, thats a story for another time.

My choice of flavour is Centos7 this time around. And my flavour of proxychains is proxychains-ng on github.

If you done have GIT install that

# yum install -y git

The build of proxychains needs a C compiler, gcc in this case works grouse.

# yum install -y gcc
# cd ~

Clone the project locally and move to the directory and build that up,

# git clone
# cd proxychains-ng
# ./configure --prefix=/root --sysconfdir=/etc
# make && make install && make install-config

So now you have proxychains installed, if you’ve make install-config as per above you have /etc/proxychains.conf which you can then use for whatever to chain proxies.

To use its called proxychains4


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